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Elevate Your Qualitative Market Research with VisionsLive: Where Virtual Video Online Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews Capture Crucial Insights and Voices.

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Experience breakthrough insights with VisionsLive’s video focus groups and in-depth interview platform. Engage deeply, observe real-time reactions, and unlock qualitative market research findings like never before. Ideal for capturing authentic feedback and nuanced understanding
Observer Backroom

Discover efficient observer backrooms in our video focus groups & interviews for real-time insights and discreet, engaging participant monitoring.

Whiteboards, Polls, Heatmaps
Whiteboards, Polls, Heatmaps

Enhance your online research with interactive whiteboards, polls, and heatmap activities for dynamic discussions and deeper audience understanding.


Secure your content with our Watermarking Feature. Protect intellectual property with unique codes per respondent, ensuring safety and rights in content sharing

Moment Tagging

Everyone can bookmark interesting things within a session, as they occur. Filter by Moderator, Respondent and Observer tags and create highlights

Live Captions Translation
Live Captions & Transcripts

Revolutionise your qualitative research with live captions in any language. Our online focus groups offer instant, translated transcripts for global, inclusive insights

AI Generated Sentiment Analysis

Uncover deeper insights and emotions from discussions, effortlessly interpreting participant feedback for more informed decision-making

Our focus is on your success

Claire Treacher

Incredibly responsive from providing an estimate through to their handling of a project itself and overall simply a joy to work with.

Joanna Hofman

We were able to generate some interesting discussions among participants and kept them engaged for the full hour…

Michael Galenianos

We have been using VisionsLive since 2014 and it’s our preferred online qual platform. It’s a very easy to use platform that allows us to run insightful online groups.

Nicky Taylor

It is the customer service provided by VisionsLive staff that sets it apart. I felt like my project really mattered to them and they helped me from start to finish to ensure that all went smoothly.
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Neil Reynolds

VisionsLive has been a key partner since we launched online text-based qualitative…

Fiona Smalley

The Bulletin Board Focus Group we ran with VisionsLive gave us so much great information – much more than we ever expected.

Bruce Miller

Excellent service is a very rare commodity in today’s digital age, where automated communication is regularly placed ahead of friendly and personal service.

Susie Sung

I really love working with the VisionsLive team – they are knowledgeable, helpful, flexible and super friendly!

Experience Enhanced Market Research with Online Video Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews.

Explore the dynamic world of interactive, virtual discussions through our advanced platform. Designed for intuitive engagement and in-depth analysis, our solution revolutionises qualitative research. Witness it firsthand – request a no-obligation demo or receive a tailored quote, and embrace the future of insightful research!

Interactive, engaging and secure.

Tag interesting moments within your online focus group using our moment tagging feature. Locate these tagged moments quickly and easily in your video recording once the session has ended then snip and edit your video to create your own Highlights Reel. 


Use our interactive white board to create drag & dropscale & sort and heatmap exercises. Run single select, multi select, agreement, text reply and ranking polls. Upload videos, images and audio files all protected by our unique watermarking feature.


Watermaking Example

We’re backed by the highest industry standards

We have adopted a security first approach for our platforms and are ISO 9001 & 27001 certified, GDPR & HIPPA compliant.


Our platform has inbuilt data anonymisation tools which allow you to anonymise and delete your data for any completed project. You also have the option to choose a regular timeframe in which this occurs automatically.


Unlike other platforms such as Zoom and Teams, you have control of where your data is kept and for how long. We have dedicated servers in regions of choice around the world. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest to ensure your data is kept secure and safe at all times.


You always have peace of mind; you don’t have to compromise on privacy and security when you choose to conduct your online market research with VisionsLive. – “Qualitative research made simple”



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