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Connect, Collaborate, and Discover: Revolutionise Your Market Research with Online Bulletin Boards. Tailored for researchers, academics and students.

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The ultimate online bulletin boards community platform, equipped with advanced market research tools. Share ideas, post questions, engage in meaningful discussions and easily organise and analyse qualitative data with simple to use tools.

Intuitive Online Dashboard

Effortlessly set up online discussions via the intuitive dashboard! Ideal for asynchronous activities like mapping exercises, snap polls, and heatmaps.

Structure & Segment

Efficiently manage multilingual boards with a click! Segment and route participants by profile, ensuring targeted and cohesive discussions.

Media Uploads

Gain deep insights into respondents’ lives with unlimited media uploads. From photos to videos, there’s no limit to exploring their daily experiences and behaviours.

Powered by AI

Utilise AI to analyse respondent sentiment through emojis and reactions. Get instant, percentage-based insights on how positive or negative responses are.

Mobile App

Enjoy seamless qualitative research with our unique Mobile App. Share and track videos, pictures, and interactions offline, revolutionising respondent engagement.

Custom branding

Enhance your bulletin board with custom branding – easily integrate logos, corporate colours, and visuals for impactful qualitative market research.

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Claire Treacher

Incredibly responsive from providing an estimate through to their handling of a project itself and overall simply a joy to work with.

Joanna Hofman

We were able to generate some interesting discussions among participants and kept them engaged for the full hour…

Michael Galenianos

We have been using VisionsLive since 2014 and it’s our preferred online qual platform. It’s a very easy to use platform that allows us to run insightful online groups.

Nicky Taylor

It is the customer service provided by VisionsLive staff that sets it apart. I felt like my project really mattered to them and they helped me from start to finish to ensure that all went smoothly.

Susie Sung

I really love working with the VisionsLive team – they are knowledgeable, helpful, flexible and super friendly!

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We prioritise data security with ISO 9001 & 27001 certification, GDPR compliance, and SSO security. Our platforms feature automatic data anonymisation and deletion, with encrypted data storage on global dedicated servers, ensuring a security-first approach in all we do.

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Request a no-obligation demo or get a personalized quote now, and step into the future of bulletin board management!
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