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Unlike the travel required for in-person work or the technical requirements involved in webcam focus groups, text chat lowers the bar of entry for both researcher and participant and speeds up the research process. In short, it is the fastest and most effective way to gather qualitative insights.

Whitelabelling Options Available

Secure Backroom for Clients 

Run Snap Polls 

Unique Watermarking Feature 

Heatmaps and Interactive Whiteboard 

Breakout Rooms Available 

Comprehensive Reporting and Transcripts 

Data Anonymisation Tools 

Social, Familiar and Intuitive!

Accessed across all devices including smartphones and tablets, our Text Chats allow you to engage and interact with your respondents in real time in an environment that is socially friendly, familiar and intuitive.

Allow your respondents to interact with the stim using polls, heatmaps and the interactive white board.

Use the text chat function and get immediate replies and responses from your respondents and client observers.

Run multi-country, multi-language studies with respondents in a social friendly, familiar and intuitive environment for one on one discussions, or for groups with up to 30 respondents.

When Should You Use It?

Any time! But its value shines:

For fast-flowing groups when you need top of mind responses
With sensitive topics where anonymity and uninfluenced responses increase engagement
For projects with tight deadlines and budgets

With any recruitment segments that require convenience and simplicity

In regions with limited internet bandwidth

For deploying multi-country, multi-language studies efficiently and consistently

Concept Testing Tool / Heatmap+

Easily test any kind of digital image document with Heatmap+, and get rich feedback and commenting linked to specific points and areas of your image. Easily spot the differences in opinions between segments, see focus areas and understand where changes need to be made.

Love the palm trees
Like the slim look cans
Prefer the word ‘light’ as opposed to the word ‘diet’ here
what is the difference between ‘light and zero sugar?

Discuss, Probe and Engage

No need to spend time typing messages whilst the group is running!

Pre-populate your probe bank and send messages in the chat box at the click of a button.

Upload a discussion guide including moderator instructions and chat messages in advance of your group beginning, saving you valuable discussion time.

Initiative private chats with respondents in the chat facility or take them to a breakout room for more in-depth discussions.

What Do You Give Up with Text Chat?

Nothing! You still get in-depth insights from a real-time discussion, a backroom for clients and colleagues to participate, and the rich engagement that comes with white board exercises and multimedia stimuli. Plus, you get:

Flexibility to run 1-on-1 discussions, or up to 30 respondents at a time

Live moderator interaction with both participants and client observers

On-the-fly polling for quick reads and data gathering

Instant transcripts for fast analysis

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