Market Research Tools for Online Qualitative Research

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V+ Online AV Focus Groups & AV In-Depth Interviews

The fastest and most cost-effective way to implement high-quality live online focus groups.

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V+ Bulletin Boards & Communities

A bulletin board platform embracing social media concepts and culture, built for online qualitative research.

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V+ Live Text Chat Focus Groups & In-Depth Interviews

Text chat lowers the bar of entry for both researcher and participant and speeds up the research process.

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V+ Mobile Qualitative Solutions

Capture in-the-moment insights from respondents’ mobile devices.

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Test and review any kind of digital media, images or video easily.

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V+ H@tch

H@tch is a solution for crowd-sourced idea storming and validation.

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V+ Qualitative Platform

V+ is a qualitative market research platform that gets you real insight from the frontline of people’s lives.

V+ supports all digital platforms, mobile – tablet – desktop.

V+ supports 32+ languages – so your research project can be truly global.

V+ is the easiest way to set up qualitative research projects – for groups/communities or for one-on-one interviewing and ethnography work. Request a demo to see just how simple it is.

With V+ you can let real online social interactions happen among participants in your study – fluid conversations, liking and sharing images and videos – while you stay in full control.

V+ Data Features

Extract the data you need – We know how much information online qualitative fieldwork generates so we’ve made things easy.

As well as our standard transcript and media export tools, we can deliver your data and transcripts in any way you like. Analyse, illustrate and present specific findings to your stakeholders that are easy to digest.

V+ Applications

With V+ you can easily get closer to real people, and engage them in any way you need.

Testing an ad concept? No problem. Want to explore buying decisions in detail? Easy.

Need to run a hundred depth interviews in 12 countries? Simpler than you might think!

Simply use V+ on-demand to easily set up any kind of qualitative project, and invite your participants to take part.

Need a specific look and feel? No problem – ask us about our white-labelling and skinning service (even for mobile projects!).

Think Research. Think Online Qual. Think VisionsLive.

Find out how VisionsLive can help you discover the why and not just the how much