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About V+ Services

Whether you need assistance in selecting a digital methodology and approach for your research, require high quality respondents or specialist moderators or project management services, our Project Success Team can help!

Live help desk, 24 hour international support

Extensive product range in 32 languages

Experts in online qualitative research

Project set-up

High quality recruitment services

Methodology & approach consultation

Language & translation services


Methodology and Approach

The Project Success Team can help you decide which of the VisionsLive tools to use, help you with the design of your chosen methodology, and can provide ideas for structuring and executing any kind of project.

Contact us to get help with your project.

Project Set-up

Our Project Success Team can set up your project, from loading your respondents and discussion guide, through to generating transcripts and everything in between – so that you can sit back, simply log in and moderate your project when it goes live.

High Quality Recruitment

We know how important finding high-quality respondents for your project is, and how hard it can be to find exactly the right people to participate in your research.

Our extensive recruiter network lets us find you the right respondents fast, and at the right price.

Participant Management

Our platform contains extensive tools to manage your participants, right through your project – start to finish. If you need any assistance in ensuring that respondents turn up, stay focused and engaged on their activities, our Project Success Team can help with every aspect of the process.

Moderator Services

We have a network of moderators around the world, including experts in many sectors that can discuss topics with ease in most languages.

This includes Healthcare, Automotive, FMCG, Travel and Tourism, Youth, Technology, Education, Social Research, Pharma, Technology and IT, Telecommunications and more.

Language and Translation Services

We have language translation services available for your research – including multi-lingual moderation services (Bilingual English-Speaking moderators), simultaneous translation of live online focus groups, and also translation of discussion guides, tasks, stimulus for international research.

Our clients like to say nice things about us…

And here’s why: We care about your research. VisionsLive is used by leading market research firms to run research for top 100 FMCG, financial services, healthcare and pharma, internet and media companies worldwide.

Dont just take our word for it, here’s what our customers say about us:

The first thing that comes to mind with Visions Live is great support. Jacky and her team are such a pleasure to work with - always responsive with helpful suggestions and advice. We also love the VisionsLive mobile app, as it’s really user friendly with clear navigation and sign posting for participants. Perfect for capturing diary tasks and in context product vlogging!

Oly Thompson

We have been using VisionsLive since 2014 and it’s our preferred online qual platform. It’s a very easy to use platform that allows us to run insightful online groups. But most importantly they are a bunch of nice people always happy to help and jump in when there is a need.

Michael Galenianos

Think Research. Think Online Qual. Think VisionsLive.

Find out how VisionsLive can help you discover the why and not just the how much