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VisionsLive are the leading trusted provider of online qualitative research tools and services. We help you get answers to your most pressing business questions, fast. Our simple to use tools can be tailored to get you answers to your questions adding real value to your project.

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V+ Qualitative Platform

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V+ is a qualitative market research platform that gets you real insight from the frontline of people’s lives.
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V+ supports all digital platforms, mobile – tablet – desktop.

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V+ supports 32+ languages – so your research project can be truly global.

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V+ is the easiest way to set up qualitative research projects – for groups/communities or for one-on-one interviewing and ethnography work. Request a demo to see just how simple it is.

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With V+ you can let real online social interactions happen among participants in your study – fluid conversations, liking and sharing images and videos – while you stay in full control.

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