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When you need rich and detailed feedback on concepts, our V+ concept tools let you test and review any kind of digital media, images or video easily and quickly with your target audience.

Test video and image
concepts easily


Touch friendly

Visual concept





V+ Concept Tools

Ad testing – video and image-based
Product concept testing and optimisation

Product marketing evaluation – claims, messaging and imagery

Brand development


Easily test any kind of digital video media with Videodial+, and get rich feedback and commenting linked to specific points in your video. Select your target segment and easily browse comments and opinions within the video in real-time.

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5 minutes to set up and test video ads, webinars, training videos, viral videos and more
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Download and share graphical charts and comments

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Browse comments made within the video quickly and dynamically

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User segmentation capability

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Tablet/Desktop friendly (and some mobile phones)

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Respondents can comment at any point in the video

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Continuous dial-rating across the entire video, with custom rating criteria


Easily test any kind of digital image document with Heatmap+, and get rich feedback and commenting linked to specific points and areas of your image. Easily spot the differences in opinions between segments, see focus areas and understand where changes need to be made.

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Browse comments for specific areas of an image quickly and dynamically
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Full user segmentation
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Touch-friendly and works with all devices: mobile, desktop and tablet
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Detailed image testing with configurable heatmap+pins outputs
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5 minutes to set up and test advertising, copy or any other kind of image media

About the V+ Platform

V+ Platform allows you to access our simple-to-use Research Apps. These are convenient and easy to use applications and methodologies for rich discussion-based consumer testing and review, available in multiple languages and include:

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Mini-communities (short-term and longitudinal)
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Crowdsourced idea generation and validation
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Remote ethnography
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Media and concept testing for video and images such as packaging or adverts
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Online focus groups and forums for rich discussions and media review

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